Company History

Kokusun Technologies Corp.(KTC) began its operations in August of 1997 focusing on innovative development of [SMT inductor’s core] In the years since, and under the leadership of our CEO, we have greatly expanded our scale and have become an industry leader in core production techniques and quality management.

Kokusun Technologies began its production of ferrite and ceramic SMT inductor’s core. We have since broadened and diversified our product offerings to components for digital products and household appliances, notebooks, all-in-one desktop computers, servers, workstation computers, industrial computers, smart household appliances, automobile electronics, barebone computers, multimedia devices and smart phones.

Business Principles

    ● Developing and marketing high-end electronic components.

    ● Cooperating directly with clients to provide solutions for new product development.

    ● Diversifying our product line and expanding our existing market.

    ● Reducing production and delivery lead times and providing immediate customer service and after-purchase support.

    ● Prioritizing customer satisfaction to strengthen our brand.

    ● Providing superior quality electronic components to improve the competitive strength of our clients' products internationally.